“In a sane world, author Terry Bazes’ imagination would be quarantined like nuclear fuel. A small benefit of living in our disordered and crazy world is that his imagination is loose in it.

It has delivered this pungent, genre-mixing, spicy and steamy omelette of a novel. Oscillating (in style and form) between a late-17th century world of grave-robbing surgeons who make “splicers” out of body parts, without regard to species—and their toxic, degenerate descendants in contemporary backwater Florida swamps, who prey on tourists for eyes, kidneys and livers, Bazes has created a hilarious and provocative fantasy world, ‘splicing’ Pynchon and Hiassen, Dickens and Defoe into the kind of fun we wish for but often miss between two covers. Read this wild book!”

—Peter Coyote, actor/author, Sleeping Where I Fall


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