Goldsmith’s Return


Demons…. A murderous peeping Tom…. A three-hundred pound psychic beautician… A two-headed baby… And a visionary painter haunted by a strange beauty and a family curse dating back to Napoleonic France.

At once a mystery story, a love story, a kabbalistic conundrum, and a black comic farce in knockout prose—this is a novel you’ll want to read twice!



PRAISE for Goldsmith’s Return

[Goldsmith’s Return] is a novel of unusual ability and imagination. And it will get the author off to a flying start on a successful career as a novelist. And I do believe it.” —Joseph Heller

“Goldsmith’s Return is a superb comic novel, deliciously vicious, politically incorrect and outrageously funny. It is a large gem, a diamond as big as a rat.” —John Fergus Ryan

Goldsmith’s Return is an impish tour de farce of dark humor, a bubbling cauldron of Pynchonesque paranoia, Dostoevskian humiliation, Kafkaesque body-loathing and punishing language a la Philip Roth, all simmered down to a thick, pungent, Gothic sauce. The subject of this cookery is Eleazar Goldsmith, one of the oddest literary wrecks since Franz Kafka turned his Gregor Samsa into an insect and sent him scurrying for the woodwork.

. . . Bazes keeps his pituitary sideshow moving with a prose style that has more teeth than a reef of sharks. It is an acrid, fire-breathing language whose every sentence is a small explosion in the back of the reader’s head….

Terry Richard Bazes is a wonderful writer and a funny man. His voice is swift and precise and wise and keening, madly sly and slyly mad, and I hope to hear it again.”Mark Shechner in The Buffalo News

“ . . . A terrifically dry sense of humor and an amazing capacity for description. A panoply of characters, from a dwarf artist to an obese, new-age cowgirl with ESP named Dagmar, recall the work of John Irving in their uncanny provision of a bizarre, yet oddly accurate, reflection of life.” —Bethany Jean Clement in The San Francisco Review of Books

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